2019 Election in Nigeria – See Latest News Update Right Here

2019 Election in Nigeria – See Latest News Update Right Here

You’ll see how we’ll give you 2019 Election in Nigeria Latest News Update today 23/2/2019 right here.

The latest news today is that Inec 2019 General Election is holding on 23rd February 2019.

Nigeria General election in Nigeria 2019 is Here now. So if you want to get up to date news about when and how the election will be conducted then, keep reading.

So if you want to get up-to-date news about Nigeria 2019 election, then read the below information.

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You’ll see the names of all the politicians who recently defected from their party to another party today.

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We’ll also give you more information about the timetable for 2019 general elections in Nigeria.

2019 Election In Nigeria

Come 2019 election in Nigeria, there will Presidential election, this election will go a long way in determining who will be the next president to Nigeria.

We’ll update you on latest political talk here.

There’ll also be gubernatorial elections across some States in Nigeria.

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Through 2019 election in Nigeria, the future leaders in both state and Federal levels will be determined.

Come 2019, you’ll also see some current senator and house of assembly members who’ll be aspiring to go for a second term.

How will 2019 Election in Nigeria be conducted?

From our findings, Nigeria general election 2019 will likely be conducted electronically.

The main body that’ll be in charge of the election is inec (Independent National Electoral Commission).

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We’ll be giving you latest news about who’s coming out for one party or the other.

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Note: The People Democratic Party (PDP) has sworn to take over power from All Progressive Congress (APC).. We’ll see how that goes.

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When Will 2019 General Elections in hold in Nigeria?

The month for 2019 election in Nigeria is fixed for February 2019.

There’s no current news about a change of date or any other thing related to that.

Would you like to know names of all the candidate’s that’s coming out to contests? Do you want to know the for the both Presidential level and governorship levels aspirants?

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We’ll keep you updated okay.

We’ll keep you updated regularly with latest news about 2019 election in Nigeria from now onward.

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  1. We people of the north east we stand confidence to vote for buhari as second regime b/c peace is restored in our locality. but l,m a poor person l need to addressed this government to help with scholarship to continued my degree program thank.


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