Airtel Nigeria Data Plans Subscription Codes Prices For Airtel Nigeria Unlimited Data Plan

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans Subscription Codes & Prices For Airtel Nigeria Unlimited Data Plan

Airtel in Nigeria Data plans and subscription prices with codes is affordable for you now since Airtel Network has much competition within or to compare with other Networks.

This offers on Airtel can be use to on smartphones such as Android, Blackberry and iPhone, the data can also be used to browse and download on PCc, Smart TVs and Tablet.

Airtel Data Codes

Lets show you the Data codes that you’ll use on Airtel Network which has many Data plans tailor to different groups. So this plans includes:

Airtel Data 100 Naira Data Plan

We’ve two data bundles that are offered for 100 Naira:

25MB data bundle valid for 5 days at the rate of 5MB per day for 100 Naira, to subscribe just dial *401#

Airtel also offers 50MB of data valid for 24 hours for 100 Naira only, the code to subscribe is *410#

However these plans are basically for doing important things online when you don’t have enough money to buy a big data plan.

Airtel Data 200 Naira Data Plan

Airtel’s 200MB plan costs 200 Naira and is valid for 3 days, the code is *412#

For 300 Naira, you can get 350MB data valid for 7 days, to subscribe just dial *401#

How you can use this data for just few days when run out of data on your android smart phones. On this data plan you’ll not be able to browse for too long because of the data plan.

Airtel Data 500 Naira Data Plan

With 500 Naira, Airtel will give you 750MB data valid for 14 days, available 24/7. So there is need to subscribe it on *418#

Since this plan will last for 14 days, it is wise to use it judiciously without downloading much. Those who subscribe this plans will browse all through the social network and other websites for at least some weeks.

Airtel 1000 Naira 1GB Data Plans

Airtel right now offers 1.5GB for 1,000 Naira valid for 30 days, you can subscribe to get this offer on *496#

However this data plan and bundle is optimum for light data smartphone users, it is suitable for browsing, downloading small files and average social media as it will run for a complete 30 days.

Airtel Data Plan Unlimited

We’ve unlimited Airtel Data Plans and bundles with their subscription codes that is available for every android users. they include:

Unlimited 10 : This plan offers unlimited data for just 10,000 Naira valid for 30 days, fair usage policy applies after 40GB. Subscribe with this code, dial *462*10#

Unlimited 15 : Airtel offere unlimited data for 15,000 Naira valid for 30 days with fair usage policy applying after 65GB

Unlimited 20 : Airtel offers unlimited data with fair usage policy applying after 100GB for 20,000 Naira valid for 30 days and the subscription code to this is *462* 20#.

What do we mean by fair policy?

It means speed that will be reduce to 250Kbps after the set data point is reached. You can enjoy this unlimited plans using Routers or MiFi Device.

There’re other available Airtel Network plans for Data Bundle and subscription that you can access on. So just check them for alternative methods.

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