Bethesda Child Support Agency calling you to fund Orphan Children’s Education

Bethesda Child Support Agency calling you to fund Orphan Children’s Education

There’s an agency which helps orphan children in Lagos and Ogun states of Nigeria. It’s a private and non-profit organization and works for more than 5,000 orphan children. They are in desparene need of financial support to provide education for those orphan children.

As Nigeria is facing a great problem of the poverty cycle, people just can’t afford education for their children.

Most of the time they are victims of the bad social-economic situation. Witch trigger them to put their children on hawking or construction works.

This reveals the hard reality of big city slums. Where underage children become the permanent income source for their family.

As a result, their family can’t manage necessary facilities like education, medicine, nutrition, healthcare, and others. If a child misses out the primary education it’s bad for both them and us.

Without primary education, they can’t pursue a sustainable social life. Also, they won’t be able to break the strong cage of poverty.

In this harsh reality, agencies like Bethesda Child Support are working to make this workout. However, they have got the sponsorship to facilitate over 1,000 orphan and vulnerable children.

Those children are now on the row to secure admission on Bethesda Child Support agency. But in the waiting list, there are still 500 Childress to go.

They are at great risk of missing out those special facilities of the agency. Surely, it will be so destructive to them and their family.

Now they are seeking your help to come up and support those vulnerable children of Bethesda Child Support agency.

However, they still working on this subject with the Nigerian government and private institutions to solve out this problem. Also, their campaign aims to raise awareness of child education.

They believe if a child can complete their primary education, they can reach out to their dreams. Also, a literate society will bring out proper development of Nigeria.

So, If you are eager to help out those orphan and vulnerable children as well as Bethesda Child, go out to secure your fund for them.

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