Biafra: People in Onitsha Commenced ‘Sit-At-Home’ Activity

Biafra: People in Onitsha Commenced ‘Sit-At-Home’ Activity

The Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) has commenced the action sit-at-home in Onitsha. According to them, Biafra people do this to respect the children, men, and women who died in the Nigeria-Biafra war of 1967.

Actually, the war continued to kill Biafran people until its 1970. Those consecutive three years were so brutal for people of this particular area.

However, 30th May, Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) honor the people who have died in the war. In this sit-at-home activity, they just stay at home instead of doing their regular job.

As like, all kinds of commercial work stopped on 30th May. Along with the markets, the educational institute was also off during the movement.

According to the new sources, all kinds of vehicles movent aren’t seen on the road of Onitsha. And the human movement was highly respected as the vehicles.

Most of the main roadway was near to empty as no vehicles commuted the transportation.

However, some news says that traditional tri-cycle taxis are available in the western city.

To Biafran people, this day is a holy thing and they celebrate this with a proper movement.

They also call this day as “Biafra Remembrance Day”. Along with the sit-at-home activity, they sometimes do some protest in remembrance of their brutal history.

Wheel Nigeria government isn’t supporting this movement, many people are with the Biafran movement.
However, this movement will not only affect the respective region, but also other regions can get some bad effects.

It’s good that Biafran people haven’t to get the people who lost their lives on the Nigerian civil war. The respect they are giving to their spirits will surely reach to them greatly.

Some people might find this unnecessary but, others think it’s a proper way to remember our history.
the sit-at-home activity shutdowns the south-eastern part of Nigeria greatly that roads are turns into a desert and there are no people to witness.

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