Billionaire Cosmas Maduka was Spotted Preaching on Road of Lagos

Billionaire Cosmas Maduka was Spotted Preaching on Road of Lagos

Cosmas Maduak who is CEO of Coscharis Motors and a Nigerian billionaire as well, seen preaching on the road of Lagos. This has been shared by many people over social media. And it’s also eye-opening that, a billionaire like him doing small things like preaching on the street.

It’s surely an unpredicted move form the Cosmas Maduk has he is a prominent businessman in Nigeria. His net worth is projected as 800 million US dollar. So, we can guess he is quite an important person to society.

But despite his title, he has shown that many people can get into good works if he wants.

He has seen with microphone at the road of Lagos with full of energy. He has preached with other people who have also seen carrying a microphone. His co-preacher on the street have translated every word Cosmas

However, Maduka was full of sweat when he preaches out in the middle of the street, but his energy was on the same level as he preached the whole session correctly.

Many people have been in shock to see such people like Cosmas Maduka doing this thing on the road of Lagos.

Talking about Cosmas Maduka, he is a complete billionaire who has established a multinational company from the ground of Nigeria. He such a mind-blowing businessman who turns one dollar into millions.

Cosmas was born in 1958 in the Anambra State of Nigeria. He is the fourth child of his parent, Peter, and Rose

Maduaka. However, the childhood was not famous of today’s Nigerian billionaire Cosmas Maduka. He lost his father at the age of four.

Due to his financial problem, he had to withdraw his primary school to help his mother to hawk in the street.

His fortune gets the brightest light when the Buhari government grant import license to 10 companies, and his owned Coscharis Motors was one of them.

With hard work and passion, Cosmas Maduka is one of the finest businessmen in Nigeria.

But this activity has surprised us that people with lots of wealth also perform regions activity like preaching in the middle of the street.

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