Bishop David Oyedepo and Winners Chapel Fame and Popularity

Bishop David Oyedepo and Winners Chapel Fame and Popularity

Bishop David Oyedepo and Winners Chapel Fame and Popularity

Churches are the major dominant of Nigerians, every hook and cranny in Nigeria are constituted or churches, modern day churches has been commercialized to the benefit of its owners while some run and operate it as a full time business.

When we talk about having much churches in Nigeria, we must lay emphasizes more on the busiest city in Nigeria which is Lagos state. Due to its high commercial activities, Lagos state became a dominant area for growing and establishing churches.

Some of these churches has so grown that they have made name in Nigeria, this can be as a result of the increase in her members. People don’t just choose any church in Nigeria before they attend, some put some considerations in place first before settling down to a particular church.

Some of this considerations might be the activities happening in these churches or how popular and powerful the pastor in charge of these churches are.

Bishop David Oyedepo, is the owner of living faith church popularly known as winners chapel, he is also the founder and chancellor of covenant University (one of the leading Private Universities in Nigeria) and landmark University (an offshoot of covenant University).

The man of God happens to be the richest pastor in the world, the richest pastor in Africa and the richest pastor in Nigeria, what a great foundation and name he has laid for himself.

His church is lined up and located in over 300cities in Nigeria and over 45 African nations. Taking a look at the starting point of the church, one would not have imagined that it would rise this far and someday make his founder the richest pastor in Nigeria, Africa and the world.

Bishop David Oyedepo, received his mandate form God to start up his ministration in an 18 hours vision in 1981, and since then he has been making names through his ministration, thereby making positive impacts in the life of Christians.


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