What Buhari has Got For Nigeria from the OIC Meeting

What Buhari has Got For Nigeria from the OIC Meeting

Recently the new Buhari’s Nigerian government has completed their trip over Saudi Arabia for a meeting of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC). Many people have criticized Buhari’s step as this is just after he gets the governance of Nigeria.

Buhari has made this crucial trip over Saudi Arabia when he just got the government powers for the second time. This led so many critics to start their comment on Buhari’s decision.

In this OIC meeting, the Nigerian leader has a great role to address many needs to the committee.

The conference was held in the holy place of Islam, Mekka in Saudi Arabia. However, there’s some group of people who are heavily against the decision of Buhari. They are very upset about Buhari’s decision to the trip of Saudi Arabia.

According to the authority, Buhari has taken this decision based upon “national interest” of the country.

But there’s a number of group of people who are not with the president. Many have said it is not appropriate to attend the meeting at this time. At the meantime, others are telling that Buhari’ this trip was strategic and valid to the point.

In this OIC meeting president, Buhari has taken some sensitive subjects to deal with. They have also discussed the peace and prosperity of Nigeria and it’s people.

They have also shed some light on subjects and matters that are very crucial to the whole Africa continent.
By the meeting of OIC’s leaders, one thing is clear that fighting against terrorism would be the first priority for everyone.

In this meeting, they have also agreed to supply more humanitarian aid to the countries of Africa who needed it most.

The recharging of Chat Basin is also one of the main concern on the meeting. We have also known that Buhari has always given this subject proper attention.

Other important subjects like reducing poverty and hanger were also at the main subject of the OIC meeting.

So, as we get into the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation(OIC) meeting we will get to know that, Buhari’s Saudi Arab trip was very crucial for Nigeria as well as for the Africa continent.

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