Chelsea vs Arsenal Clash: Emery to carry out Wenger’s tradition against Chelsea

Chelsea vs Arsenal Clash: Emery to carry out Wenger’s tradition against Chelsea

Arsenal team is now ready for the match against Chelsea as they have a new head coach. Baku, which is Azerbaijani capital, will host the final of Europ’s secondary competition.

Last summer mighty Arsenal head coach left his job. Surprisingly he managed the position for 22 consecutive years.

However, the new coach Unai Emery is really eager to carry out the “hold on to and improve” tradition what Wenger left.

It would be really challenging as they are facing rival blue Chelsea. Any margin win will surely satisfy the gunners and give a load of confidence. Also, it will also help them to get over to the next season’s Champions League.

On Wenger’s contribution, Unai Emery is very pleased and talked about the colter he builds on the team.

“All(he) did was amazing”, “My respect is more than the top. After he gave this team and club a lot of important things, a new culture.” said Arsenal New coach Emery.

But players like Petr Cech blames Wenger saying that there wasn’t enough pressure on Arsenal team.

According to him, Wenger just carried without doing anything still after back to back losses.

However, on the other hand, things get much spicy on Chealse team. The head coach Maurizio Sarri was equally frustrated and angry after the training sessions.

The Chelsea boss brust his anger on his baseball cap, not once, but twice.

As this training session stays open to media, this incident creates great hype over the internet.

A few moments earlier, Gonzalo Higuain and David Luiz exchange collisional worlds.

But according to Chelsea officials, none of Maurizio Sarr’s angry reaction related to players. He is just angry to can’t practice the set-plays.

It means the pressure is growing at both ends of two football giant.

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