Children’s Day Evokes to Solve the Rising Problem of Child Labor

Children’s Day Evokes to Solve the Rising Problem of Child Labor

It’s always an impactful day as we shine some light on Childres in Nigeria. But it also shows us the part that we should care about. Child labor is one of the rising problems that must take in our mind. As it still exists on the street of big cities of Nigeria.

A report of UNICEF more than 15 million poverty struck Nigeran children have to rely on Child labor. Most of the time they have to sacrifice their education in exchange for their work.

According to their living standards, they are forced to take the risk. Because they also have to lift their family expense in such a small age.

The most concerning part, they are doing harmful works without any protection. Also, the harsh environment damages their health and mind equally. As they are all under the age of 14, it takes all their energy to go back to School.

This problem is growing significantly over the years in Nigeria. Most of the time the main cause is poverty and low standards of living.

Without labor work or hawking, they may have to strive to death. It sounds awkward but we must fix it with essential steps. As they seek for work, they lose access to education. Witch take them back into the deadly poverty cycle.

No doubt that so many Nigeran talent is hidden in the dirt of the child labor industry. Every state of Nigeria should be enforcing the children law. So, that every child gets their deserving needs and rises up into their life.

It’s not granted that Child labor is the only struggle for us. We should also keep our eyes on any violations that occur around us. But, child labor is a subject that is increasing in Nigeria. If we can take the right steps and be aware of Child labor, this will surely decline over time.

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