Cybercrime: Musician Naira Marley Gets the Bail of N2 Million

Cybercrime: Musician Naira Marley Gets the Bail of N2 Million

The popular hip-hop artist Azeez Adeshina Fashola, known as Naira Marley has got a sum of N2 Million bail due to cybercrime. The Federal High Court in Lagos has announced this bail with two sureties.

According to Justice Nicholas Oweibo, one of the following sureties must be on Grade Level of 10 in the Federal or State service.

Also, the surety must also have a landed pretty within the court’s jurisdiction. And the property also has to be verified by the court.

Earlier this month, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commissions (EFCC) on an 11-count charge. The charge was for the credit card scam.

He was mainly arrested on May 10 with all prove to his internet scamming business. After reviewing the report, authority strikes into his place and directly put him into the law boundary.

With this incident, Marley breaks the rule of 2015 Cyber Crime Act. And for this reason, he has been penalized largely.

The surprising thing is that Niara Marley has not pleaded guilty on this shameful charge.

The court’s date is now fixed for the musical Naira Marley with the regular vacation. According to the news sources, those dates are 22, 23, and 24 of October.

Charges are also taken against another fraud Yad Isril (still at large).

However, if Marley gets proved as a criminal, he might face a long 7-year jail. the defense counsel Mr. Olalekan

Ojo has prayed to the court to grant culprit Marley a bail. He also showed the court to take this decision based on liberal terms.

He also stated that the defendant would not jump bail. Also the cited related statutory authority on granting bail according to the law.

This activity will surely affect the youth who follow Naira Marley. Some kid also follows him as an idol. And overall, it’s really bad that he got into cybercrime, which is on the increase in Nigeria.

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