Dino Melaye Express His Interest on Upcoming Governorship Election

Dino Melaye Express His Interest on Upcoming Governorship Election

The senator of Kogi west, Dino Melaye has announced that he is interested in the upcoming governorship election of Kogi State. We have got the news from a representative of Dino Malaye.

Dino Melaye has expressed his willings on a Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) meeting at Aiyetoro Gbede. He has expressed the news on Aiyetoro Gbde’s government area.

According to the news source, Maleye has informed the PDP members and leaders on his wish of joining the governor election. The source also tells us that, he will still make a formal declaration.

Dino Melaye is quite hopeful about his governance aim. But, surely he will face some great rivalry as there are so many deserving candidates who are running in the race.

Among the other candidates, Abubakar Idris is one of them. He is the son of a former governor who has quite a high chance to get over the election.

There’s also some great leader on the opposition site who can be a great competitor of Dino Melaye.

There’s also Yahaya Bello, who is current incumbent governor. He will also join this governorship race for Kogi.

So, it’s clear that the election won’t be an easy one to crack down. As the participants are quite great in their job, it’s all up to the election process to select the best candidates.

However, earlier in this year, Dino Melaye gets defeated by the PDP. During the time period, Dino Melaye was fighting for the spot from All Progressives Congress(APC).

But, lastly, Melaye able to retain his senatorial seat just defeating the Smart Adeyemi of APC.

In the upcoming governor election race of Kogi state, Melaye has worked hard to defeat all other leaders. As he has a sanitarian seat, the experience might play a major role in this election.

So, let’s see what’s happen to Dino Melaye’s ambition of Kogi State’s governor election.

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