Disney Has Revealed It’s New Lion King Teaser with Talking Animals

Disney Has Revealed It’s New Lion King Teaser with Talking Animals

The big giant Disney has finally realized the remake of the popular cartoon, Lion King. In his teaser, we have seen a murder CGI animation as the main Lion King was with 2D animation. Everyone was worried about how it would look in order animation. But with the talking animals, it looks much promising.

The trailer isn’t telling to much about the whole plot of the movie. But it shows us a complete glimpse of the movie story as we are seeing the lion king characters. In the end, we have seen talking animals with today’s modern animation.

We have seen fantastic remake work of Disney, but this time we are eagerly waiting for their final result.
The songwriter and singer Beyoncé, has voiced the new version of Lion Kings’s Nala. She has shared a preview of her voicing the character.

Disney is taking the risk of new free-flowing CGI character animation to remake the old legendary Lion King’s movie. The challenging part would be to make the animals character more realistic. It would be hard to mimic those character to the real Lion King’s character when talking.

The animal character becomes quite unrealistic when they talk in modern day computer animation. Disney has to figure out which way will look more realistic to the Lion King’s audience.

However, the lion talking part of the newly released short trailer seems quite right. But it’s not just the whole movie, it’s just a part of the screen. The filmmaker has to adjust their work throughout the film to make a positive impression on the old fan of the Lion King movie.

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Posted by Beyoncé on Monday, June 3, 2019

With the trailer, we have seen the Lion King world with the look of modern CGI animation. It looks quite the same but the new animation style adds up a new flavor to the mix.

The main character of Lion King, Simba hasn’t talked in the short trailer, but we have seen Pumbaa and

Timon talking with each other. They look quite the same as they looked at the classic Lion Kings animation. But the cute Pubma saw so hairy in the CGI animation. It should be cut to match the real character.

But, finally, we will get to see the new version of the Lion King movie with more free-flowing 3D characters. The new movie will come into the theater in upcoming July 19.

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