FCTA Provides a Complete LAB Accreditation Certificate to Bwari Hospital

FCTA Provides a Complete LAB Accreditation Certificate to Bwari Hospital

The Bwari Hosptial finally, got the accreditation certificate to Bwari General Hospital. It’s a great certification for the hospital as it has a quality lab facility for its patients.

The Federal Capital Territory Administration’s (FCTA) Health and Human Services Secretariat announced and given the certificate to the hospital.

According to Secretary Malam Adamu Abubakar Bappa, the certification has given to them for the hight standardization of the lab facility.

However, the lab facility must be up to a great standard to receive this kind of certification.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certify and validate those type of certification organizations.

And the Bwari Hospital got the certification from ISO. the certification organization had checked the lab facility of the hospital and it was good enough to provide the lab accreditation certificate.

Secretary Bappa said the hospital’s laboratory facilities are one of the best among big and established hospitals.

Bwari hospital will carry the accreditation certification up to four years smoothly. However, the hospital authority has to apply for re-accreditation process was once the timeline gets the end.

But there’s a condition, the hospital must maintain his high-level facility on the lab.

The hospital becomes the first Nigerian public hospital who gets this kind of certification. And it will be also a shining example for other public hospitals.

According to the Bwari Hospital’s Medical Director, it wasn’t that easy to reach up to this stage. He said they had to do quite of hard work as they were also working on Lagos Stage hospitals.

However, it’s not that much easy to ensure great lab facility. the Chef Medical director has thanked other parties who have helped them to maintain the lab standard.

In his statement, he exclusively thanked all the hospital staffs, health secretary of FCT. And lastly, he specially mentioned the official Nigerian health and science council.

And it’s true that they won’t be able to maintain the standard if those party won’t support them in the future. But still, now everything going into the good direction and Bwari Hospital is set to host the lab creation certificate for upcoming consecutive 4 years.

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