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Glo Data Plan 2019 – See the Cheapest Subscription codes Ever



Here’s Glo Data Plan 2019 that’ll wow your mind. You’ll see all the Cheapest Subscription codes Ever now.

How true is the statement that Glo is the grand master of data?, well this is undeniably true, as the network has tried everything possible to provide cheap data plans for her users, with its excellent network coverage.

Since the history of data comparison, between various network coverage available in Nigeria, Glo still stands out to be the best in terms of providing data plans that are cheap and affordable by all.

The network has proven to be waxing stronger and has been offering unmatched data deals to its users.

Nevertheless, glo data plans still remains one of the most sought after, due to its affordable nature, beating down other various network providers available in the nation like MTN, Airtel, Etisalat etc.

Apart from its cheap data plans, the network is also known to provide unlimited access to phone calls with its cheap and low call rates charges on both local and international calls, alongside various bonuses and packages to the satisfaction of its users.

In this news article, detailed information would be provided about the existing glo data plan 2019 subscription and prices of the popular network with the slogan “grand masters of data”.

List of cheap Glo data plan

50naira for 15MB – 1 day data plan

100naira for 35MB – 1 day data plan

200naira for 100MB – 5 days data plan

500naira for 800MB(Bonus 1.6GB) – 10days data plan

1000naira for 1.6GB(Bonus 3.2GB) – 30days data plan

2000naira for 3.75GB(Bonus 7.5GB) – 30days data plan

2500naira for 5GBGB(Bonus 10GB) – 30days data plan

3000naira for 6GB(Bonus 12GB) – 30days data plan

4000naira for 8GBGB(Bonus 16GB) – 30days data plan

5000naira for 12GB(Bonus 24GB) – 30days data plan

See Also:

Other Affordable Glo Data Plan 2019

8000naira for 16GB(Bonus 32GB) – 30days data plan

10000naira for 23GB(Bonus 46GB) – 30days data plan

15000naira for 30GB(Bonus 60GB) – 30days glo data plan

18000naira for 45GB(Bonus 90GB) – 30days data plan

One can easily subscribe to each of this deals by dialing *777#

Glo Data Plan 2019 for 4G LTE – See 2018 Latest submission Code.

You can now subscribe to any data plan of your choice with glo Nigeria.

Try to share this with your friends now so we can update you later when new cheaper plan is out.

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MTN Data Plans for iPhone in Nigeria



See All MTN Data Plans for iPhone in Nigeria Here. A Data Plan is part of the services that mobile operators offer to you in order to have access to mobile use connectivity anywhere under the atmospheric breeze on earth.

In contrast to the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) which offers only voice call and one fold or plain text transmission, data plans offer transmission through Internet Protocol (IP) network where multimedia resources can be accessed.

The cost of data plans differs based on the frequency of band breadth you subscribe daily, weekly and monthly.

Before you subscribe to any data plan, your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer need to support the wireless protocol that envisage the data bundles. This article therefore highlights the MTN data plan for iPhone.

Take note of the following defined usage such as SMS activating code, and USSD in the subsequent explanation of MTN data plan for iPhone.

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List of MTN Data Plans for iPhone in Nigeria

This list contains MTN data bundle subscription codes for iphone.

The, “Valid Time” is the duration of the subscription for each data plan before expiration.

SMS activating code” is the code you have to text to 131 in order to successfully subscribe to each plan.

USSD Code” is the alternate or substitute code you need to dial if you do not want to use text message mode on your iPhone device.

  • 10MB For N100

You can get a data Plan of 10MB for N100 Price for your iPhone which will be valid for 24 hours.
To activate, send 104 to 131
USSD code is *104#

  • 25MB For N150

There is also a data Plan of 25MB for N150 price and valid for 24Hrs.
To activate, Send 112 to 131 in SMS or dial *112#

  • 50MB For N200

The data Plan of 50MB has a price tag of N200 with a valid Time of 24 hours
SMS activation code; Send 113 to 131
USSD code: *113#

  • 25MB For N400

The iPhone Plan of 25MB of MTN network goes with N400 and it is valid for 7 Days
SMS activating code – Send 105 to 131
USSD code – *105#

  • 260MB For N1000

The data Plan of 260MB has a price tag of N1000 which is valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – Send 106 to 131 USSD – *106#

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  • 325MB For N1300

The MTN data Plan of 325MB for iPhone has a price tag of N1300 and it is valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – send 109 to 131
USSD: *109#

  • 750MB For N2000

The data Plan 750MB goes for N2000 with a Valid Time of 30 Days
SMS activating code – send 110 to 131
USSD – *110#

  • 1.5GB For N3500

The data Plan of 1.5GB has a subscribing fee of N3500 and it is valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – Send 111 to 131
USSD code – *111#

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  • 4.5GB For N2500

The iPhone data Plan for 4.5GB ( from Night, 9PM – 6AM) of MTN network has a price tag of N2500 and it is valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code : Send 102 to 131
USSD code – *102#

  • 4.5GB For N3000

The data Plan of 4.5GB Weekend (Friday 9PM – Monday 6AM) has a price of N3000 and valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – Send 108 to 131
USSD -: *108#

  • 4.5GB For N6500

The data Plan of 4.5GB has a subscription charges of N6500 which is also valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – Send 129 to 131
USSD – *129#

  • 7.5GB For N8000

You can also get MTN data Plan of 7.5GB for N8000 only for your iPhone. It will be valid for 30 Days
SMS activating code – Send 101 to 131
USSD – *101#

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