Google Bans Every App That will Facilitate the Sale of Marijuana

Google Bans Every App That will Facilitate the Sale of Marijuana

As we know that Google owns one of the most dominate store, App Store, they have banned all apps that will facilitate the sales of Marijuana. It was part of Google’s content policy change.

With this decision, the Google Play store will eliminate all the apps that are related to the sale of Marijuana.

The Google Play store is a huge platform for App developers. It’s cover all the regions on the world as it’s equally famous on every continent via Android. Due to it’s over popularity, it gets access to all kinds of users. Including the users, they also face a variety level of developers. Over a few months, Google has detected an illegal rise of Marijuana sales related Apps. and They didn’t bother to take action.

To control the sales of Marijuana it step will surely make a good effect.

However, according to the new policy of Googe, App developers have to move their shopping cart option to the outside of the app. We have got this news from Reuters, a Google representative has informed the news to them.

Google is also helping its existing developers get cop up with this new policy. According to their statement, they don’t’ want any customer destruction from their end.

To gets synchronized with the new rule of Google, current apps can get up to 30 days launch delay.

App developers have to hustle to get a match up with the new policy of Google Play store.

The Play store currently has more than 2.6 million apps currently operating from different part of the world.

They might have to give extra effort to make their app qualified by the new set of rule.

Lastly, it might seem disappointing to some developers who made their app on Marijuana delivery. But, if they over the rule of the store, it will surely benefit them and the users who are using it.

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