Google Plans to Create 200 Free WiFi Hotspot in 6 Nigerian City

Google Plans to Create 200 Free WiFi Hotspot in 6 Nigerian City

The tech giant Google has a big plan to set 200 WiFi hotspot across Nigeria. According to their plan, that 200 Wifi would be completely free to use and will be scattered around 6 Nigerian cities.

Google has to work closely with the Nigerian fiver optic telecom service provider. Currently, they are partnering with 21st Century and it’s a big tel-co service seller.

If this partnership turns into a successful deal, they will be able to provide free internet to the public places. Initially, they will target to facilitate places like educational institutes. school and college students will be one of the most benefited sides.

Along with the educational institute, they are also focusing on, malls, markets, and bus stoppages.

Those free wifi signals will connect everyone who has a smartphone on the hand.

We get to know this good news from Juliet Chiazor the Google Nigeria Director, and Titi Akinsanmi who is Head of the Public Policy.

They talked detail about this project on a tech conference arranged by NITDA.

However, NITDA stands for National Information Technology Development Agency. It’s a government agency which has lots of activity towards making the Nigerian digital market grow.

According to the Google country manager, Juliet Chiazor, the project will get completed at the end of 2020.

Well, the number 20 will be a lucky charm for Nigeria as they will get nearly 200 active and free Wifi spot in 6 big cities.

Chiazor also mentioned vice president Yemi Osibajo’s Silicon Valley trip of United States.

Moreover, the idea comes into play after Nigerian vice president Osibajo completes the trip. Google country Manager

Chiazor doesn’t forget to name some really passionate tech entrepreneurs for this massive project.

Once the project becomes reality, it would be great for big tech companies like Google to cover more people for digital products. Along with the profit, they will also complete some social responsibilities toward society.

However, the Nigerian vice president also planning of bigger future tech projects that will influence current and next generation equally.

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