Here’s Why Wealthy Nigerians Don’t Likely to Pay Taxes

Here’s Why Wealthy Nigerians Don’t Likely to Pay Taxes

Recently, the budget monitoring group, Delta and Oxfam International organization have opened up some news on paying taxes in Nigeria. On their statement, Nigeria has a large number of wealthy people who don’t pay enough taxes because of government’s soft handling.

That two giant organization has said that, if the government leave the soft-handling to Nigerian wealthy people, they would give more taxes as they can provide more.

However, it’s not a biased statement as it was verified by the multi-stakeholder of both organizations. Main the news announced in their stakeholder’s conversation in Lagos.

The program officer of Oxfam International, Henry Ushie said that the Nigerian government must make more efforts to let wealthy Nigeran pay more taxes. They also emphasized on taking more steps to this matter.

He also added some valuable comment on goverment’s behavior. According to Ushie, the government is quite soft on the rich people. Which he didn’t support on the behalf of Oxford International.

Oxfam International has announced news on Nigerian wealthy people paying taxes

Henry Ushie also criticized the current governance, saying that, the government is not doing the same with the poor people as they have done to the richer ones. And this shows the discrimination.

Every weatly people should get enforced to pay the all required tax and not to save any amount for them.

Henry Ushie also stated that that potential rich people like multinational organziation personnel always find a way to get rid of Taxes.

It’ s not a good thing for the government and Nigeria itself. Ushie things that those rich people always find some hole in the law to cut their taxes. And it should not be happening.

The Multinational companies can run and operate their business for some consecative years without paying any little free. Which is the fault of our system, he said.

Henry Ushie, complains about The Nigerian government, saying that they are not serious about collecting taxes.

Hopefully, the government takes to reports in mind and make enforce rich Nigerians to pay more taxes to the government.

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