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King Monada –  See The Man Behind the Falling Dance



King Monada Malwedhe, pulls the whole South Africa into a trance, by his new song and dance step.

Although the music dance step seems Weird by other countries, it is undeniably fun to the South Africans.

The song which got the whole South Africans falling, has been trending on various social media platform, in reference to the lyrics emanating from his song, “he warns his lover not to live him, because he has a collapsing disease”,

Do you know that this song is fast taking the whole city of South Africa and Nigeria, as everyone is seen falling all in the name of trending dance step?

King Monada made his song Malwedhe, (which loosely translates to fainting in Khelobhedu).

This song is about how fainting can be caused by matters of the heart, the song has cut beyond South Africa, and has gone viral even to other states in Nigeria.

Monada is a well known musician in South Africa, but this song gave him an exceptional fame, as majorly all African countries have an insight of both the song and the dance step.

Dancing has been turned into trance for the South Africans, not only does the beat go in, but the lyrics of the song, instruct the listeners on what needs to be done when dancing the song.

This wonderful song has so gone viral, whenever you hear the beat of the song, it won’t just allow you sit in a spot.

There has been different challenge on social media, of people dancing to the song, students were seen falling on the ground, doctors weren’t an exemption, the fluid of the song is fast spreading.

King Monada Malwedhe deserve some kudos for thrilling the whole of South Africans, and all African countries with his falling song.

King Monada Malwedhe, became famous in 2016 through his song Moreki, his song about blessers.

The dance step has been described to be dangerous and involves lots of injuries, yet people still find pleasure in engaging in the dance step.

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Buga Small Small by Olamide [Music Mp3 and Video] 




Here’s how you can download Buga Small Small by Olamide [Music Mp3 and Video]

Our very own indigenous rapper olamide, spits fire in the air this time, through the release of his nee song, titled “Buga Small Small”, which means “Do not overstep your boundaries”.

The hardworking musician, is known to be constant in dropping new hit every new and then, not forgetting his numerous collaborations which he has with different Nigerian artists, even in Africa.

The musician, popularly known as Badoo, has been tagged and nicknamed street king, this is as a result of the kind of songs her throws into the air, some of this songs are motigbana, wo, kana and many other, not leaving aside his newly released “buga small small”.

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The song buga small small has stirred up comments on social media, as series of comments have been flowing in like water, giving the song its due credit as usual.

Frankly speaking, it is very hard for an individual not to fall in love with the kind of songs Olamide makes.

He is loved by every, that ia why his music keeps booming, and his fans keeps increasing buy the day, to that effect, his pockets keeps swelling up.

All his songs majorly have certain features and one of such features is that you can dance to the rhythm of his songs.

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Buga small small is yet another one which he dropped that is highly captivating.

The YBNL Nation boss, Olamide, does not disappoint his fans, he comes back with another single entitled “Buga Small Small”.

The freestyle was created by in-house music maker, Pheelz, although, he returns with a freestyle with his first single of 2019 Woske is as yet increase huge buzz and receiving airplay on the radio.

The song bugs small small was released few weeks after Woske.

Buga Small Small is indeed making waves in the music industry, aside the music industry, social media has helped promote the song, that virtually everyone listens to the song every now and then. This is a song which every one must have on their playlist.

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Double Double by Rudeboy ft Olamide and Phyno – Download Mp3, Video




Double Double by Rudeboy

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Poverty Die by Olamide – Download mp3 and Video – See lyrics Here




Poverty Die by Olamide

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