NECO on Their New Rule of Canceling the Use of Scratch Cards

NECO on Their New Rule of Canceling the Use of Scratch Cards

The National Examinations Council(NECO) has canceled the use of scratch cards with all legal proceedings.

They have made this new rule for their Senior Secondary Certificate Examination(SSCE).

The chairman of the examination board known as Abubakar Saddiq has announced this process with great detail. The announcement was stated on the revealing of 20 Toyota Hilux Vans in Niger State.

According to the news source, Saddiq has announced that they have to maintain more than 8000 biometric machines for the candidates to run the exam.

Students had to buy scratch cards to get register to NECO examinations, but with this new update, they don’t have to use any scrats cards. With this new update, they will start the registration process over the online and will get a special code to continue the registration process.

Every biometrics machine will store the biometric and other information about the applicant. Those biometric data capturing machine will work with their corresponding schools.

This captured data will also prevent fraud who wants to impersonate anyone’s identity. So, it would be a great security wall for them to get over.

However, the authority has also added that they are taking proper care of that machine through the examination process.

The Acting Registrar of NECO, Abubakar Gana, has said that they are working on making the process updated and more secure.

He also added that their previous process wasn’t enough to check for security and errors. They were registering more than 51,000 candidates with the scratch card system in the past.

Gana said that the new system will take a low budget to get things done. And they are determined to deploy this new technology into their existing system.

The National Examinations Council(NECO) will use this technology and remove the previous system with their scratch cards. The new technique will cost less time and money both for the authority and the student.

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