All you need to Know about Nigerian Presidential Election Tribunal May 2018

All you need to Know about Nigerian Presidential Election Tribunal May 2018

The presidential election tribunal of Nigeria is heating up at the end of May 2018. There are lots of things going on which you can look into.

Firstly, the supreme court has asked to stop the inauguration of president Buhari.
One of the Nigerian political parties who have contested on 23 February’s presidential election, asking the supreme court to do this.

The appealing policial party is the Hope Democratic Party(HDP) of Nigeria.

On Friday, they announced this, in an appeal file of the Supreme Corte. The HDP has requested the higher court to stop the ongoing inauguration of presidents.

Moreover, They also see this as ‘validity of his election.’

In the appeal of Hope Democratic Party(HDP), they are trying to say that, the tribunal has mistaken in low.
The Yousuf Ibrahim is the person who has appealed on behalf of HDP.

“The court is under an unwavering duty to obey and apply the expressed constitutional prohibitive and injunctive provision of section 1(2) of 1999 constitutional to safeguard and uphold the sanctity of the constitution above any individual, or group interest under any guise.” according to the Hope Democratic Party(HDP).

On the other side, president Buhari has stated that he was quite confident about winning the Nigerian Presidential election 2019.

We get to know this interesting news on a special interview of Nigerian Television Authority(NTA). The show gets on air on the 27th of May in Nigeria.

However, the Hope Democratic Party(HDP) also appeal in the Supreme court to transfer the power of Buhary. They let us know this on the same day, where they appealed for stopping the president’s inauguration.

So, that was the latest and news on Nigerian presidential election on this May. Let’s hope rest go well in the upcoming June 2019.

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