Nigerian Navy: 2020 Recruitment Full Application Form & General Requirements

Nigerian Navy: 2020 Recruitment Full Application Form & General Requirements

About Nigerian Navy

I will strongly want to discuss about Nigerian Navy recruitment online portal, how to get recruited into Navy in Nigeria and some other requirements that is needed.

As you all know many people have been struggling on how they can apply successfully and get admitted into the Nigerian Navy full training.

However this article will explain in details how to achieve this goal with just your Navy application form.


Who do you think Nigerian Navy are? Or can i say what are the basic functions of Navy’s in Nigeria?

This questions is what we need to break down for you so that you will know exactly what you are applying for. So you don’t really need money or connection before you get recruited into the Nigeria Navy Base.

What the Nigerians Navy does are very simple, so they are one of the Military Arm of the Forces and they are Water base Military Force fighters.

The Navy only fight and wage war, criminal attacks within the Water  basis. Does this means that the Nigerians Navy are trained forces to battle war against the Country, YES.

Latest Update on Nigerian Navy Recruitment

If you want to read about how to apply for 2020 Nigerian Navy recruitment today, then you’ve to see this page.

You can only apply for 2020/2021 Nigerian Navy recruitment through the Navy portal. So the only update that is available here is that Nigeria Navy recruitment is now open for 2020 Application form portal.

How to Access the Nigeria Navy Forms

Having known about Navy recruitment in Nigeria, you can access the Nigerian Navy recruitment form 2020 on

Application is now online if you want to see all the recruitment details. Kindly follow the process on how to apply via the recruitment portal.

Important of Joining Navy in Nigeria

Nigerian Navy is a Military work and joining the Navy is a call to serve the Federal Government of Nigeria to fight war.

If you join the Nigerian Navy today, you’ll stand a chance to represent the Military Arm Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

You’ll stand a chance to be a trained personnel in combating war if you join the Navy.

You’ll also stand the chance to live a carer as a Military force.

You’ll have an edge over Civilians

You’ll become one of the Nigerian important personnel that is recognize for their actions.

Also if you join the Nigerian Navy, you will stand a greater chance to earn huge Salary from the Nigeria Government today.

Navy Salary Batches

I know that many people want to know the exact salary pay you’ll receive if you join the Navy Force. So the Navy Salary structure is based on the Ranks and order in Nigerian Navy forces.

Generally the Nigerian Navy Forces Salary batch ranges from N200,000 – N1,300,000 on average monthly payment.

However the higher your position, the higher your salary pay.

Kindly note the Nigerian Navy Salary are paid on monthly basis, you can read more on this page.

Nigeria Navy Schools and Institutions

Hello, do you want to see Nigerian Navy schools all over the States? It is time to know all the Navy Institutions within the Country and they are listed below here:

Nigeria Navy Secondary School, Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria

NNSS Abeokuta, Ogun State

NNSS Ojo, Lagos Nigeria

Nigerian Navy Military School, Ikot Ntuen, Akwa Ibom

Nigerian Navy Secondary School Calabar,

NNSS Imeri, Ondo State

Nigerian Navy Promotion and Rank

In Nigerian Navy, we have ranks for commission and non-commission officer, however for the purpose of this post, i will kindly list them out.

Nigerian Navy Ranks for Commissioned Officers

Admiral of the fleet



Rear Admiral




Lieutenant Commander



Acting Sub-Lieutenant


Nigerian Navy Ranks for Non-Commissioned Officers

Warrant Chief Petty Officer

Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer

Leading Rating

Able Rating

Ordinary Rating


General Qualification & Navy Requirements

Primary School leaving Certificates must be well presented

All Applicants must be between 22 and 28 years

Applicants must possess NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificates

Applicants must be be married or have issues

Applicants must be of Nigerian Origins by Birth

Applicants is required to print out Parent/Guardian Contest form and Local Government Attestation Form.

Applicants must be free from any previous conviction by court of law on criminal charges.

Applicants with any of the following problems should not apply: short sight, ear problem, previous orthopedic operation, flat foot, fractured, stammering or any forms of disability

Applicants must have required height on Male -1.70 and Female – 1.67

Nigerian Navy Female Officers/ Male Officers

It is very obvious that Navy in Nigeria recruit Male and female applicants. However we presently have this personalities as both Officers.

The Females in Nigeria Navy are not mostly sited for Navy war. Most of them do functions within Nigerian sea ports.

Navy Related Jobs in Nigeria

Most of the Navy related jobs you can see are the Nigerian Airforce, Nigerian Army and Nigerian Police Force.

Others include: Federal Road Safety, Nigerian Immigration Service, Nigerian Correction Service (Prisons), Nigeria Civil Defence and others.

Navy Residential Areas

All the Nigerian Military Forces have their own Base. If you are a Nigerian Navy Officer, you will stay in the Naval Base of the Military Barracks.

We can mention but few Nigerian Naval Bases that exist, kindly check them out

Nigerian Navy For Peace Keeping

Some Navy operators who works on Big Shore do carry out Navy Peace keeping within the rivers boundary. This help them to go other country for peace keeping and Conflict Resolutions.

Costs of Joining Nigerian Navy

Do you think there is any cost attached in Joining the Nigerian Navy?

No costs is attached in joining the Navy as long as am concern. The only cost it will take you is your qualifications.

You must make sure that you have all the general requirements needed to join the Nigerian Navy, so if that is provided then you should consider yourself an upcoming Naval Officer.

How to Apply for Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020

To Apply for Nigerian Navy 2020

Visit the Navy recruitment portal here

Apply on

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