Nigerian People Support the Implementation of New Tabacco Control Act

Nigerian People Support the Implementation of New Tabacco Control Act

The people in Nigeria are under a complete fight against tobacco, as they are supporting the implementation of new Tabacco control act for Nigeria. Recently the government has also come into the filed to reduce the consumption of tobacco in the country.

The main aim of this new act is to control the usage of tobacco at a low level. Also, this act will help to stop the bad effect of second-hand smoking. As we know tobacco is very dangerous not just for the people who use it. But also people around them are in great danger.

As a result, Nigeria has got an act called NTCA. It helps us to control tobacco usage with proper law. 2015 was the year we have got this act.

According to the current situation, the act has faced a major set back. The full implementation has not completed because of a problem in the act. In the act, it refers that, before the implementation of the act, the

Natioanl Assembly has to pass another specific law that will help to enforce the act.

Fortunately, we have solved the issue as the new law has passed in Nigeria. According to the new law, which has passed on 28 May, the Tabacco control activities can be implemented with the exact Word Health Organization framework.

This new act will surely improve the tobacco control rate over the country. As we can impleted the full act,

Nigerian people can finally fight against the consumption of tobacco.

However, the World Health Organtionas(WHO) is working actively on the issue of Nigeria’s tobacco usage problem.

The Regional Director, WHO, Matshidiso Moeti has said that controlling tobacco becomes one of the prominent problems. He also added that tobacco consumption has been on rising with an infinite rate. The world is in danger for public health, and tobacco is the main reason, he said.

So, it’s clear to us that, the new law will surely help the Nigerian people to get over the hight usage of Tobacco. The NICA act will work has a great pathway to enforce tobacco control activity.

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