NNPC Computer Based Test Gets Delayed Due to Technical Reason

NNPC Computer Based Test Gets Delayed Due to Technical Reason

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) computer based recruitment test got delayed due to a technical problem from JAMP-approved center of Kuje.

Earlier NNPC stated their recruitment process with a complete advertisement process. We have seen many advertisements on many dailies of Nigeria including the online portals. The test took place this Wednesday, 13 March 2019.

The recruitment process normally starts with an initial two phases. At the first phase, they selected their candidates for the second part. At the second phase, they short-listed best candidates to participate in the computer-based test.

According to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), the online-based exam was set to kick-off at 8:00 AM from the Islamic Leadership Academy.

As it’s new technology in Nigeria and companies are testing, it’s getting problems on the initial basis.

The company can’t start the recruitment text in time because half of the system was not responding. Due to the big pressure of data, the system fails to meet the requirement to take the test of the applying candidates.

However, according to applicants, they had to wait around one hour. After a painful hour, a representative comes to them and assure them that it will get back to work. The representative them to have patience.

According to NNPC representative, the problem was in the center of the system. They have also stated that NNPC and JAMB won’t have any problem. But the center has seen an unexpected error.

The representative has also said that everything was working properly just before the online based text gets on-air. But after the light goes off, some of the sites weren’t able to come back to their real state.

The authority was fully determined and finally, the test gets started. They hade took one hour of extra time and stated the test.

According to the authority, they have seen the great response on that kind of Computer-based exams. Hopefully, they will arrange more in the upcoming recruitment process. But they should be also aware of any kind of technical problem that might occur.

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