Obafemi Reveals His Plan to Be A Right-hand of Sanwo-Olu

Obafemi Reveals His Plan to Be A Right-hand of Sanwo-Olu

The Deputy Governor of the Lagos state, Obafemi Hazat, tells his plat on being the right-hand of Sanwo-Olu government. He also said that becoming the best deputy governor is the main concern for at this moment.

Obafemi also stated that he wasn’t to work with the government with proper synergy.

However, his work ethics will surely influence Sanwo-Olu governance, as Obefami is the deputy governor.

On this Friday, the governor has announced those statement in a meeting of Deputy Governor(ODG). The office is located at Alausa, Ikeja.

He added that their government is really familiar with the people of the state. According to Obefami Hazat, they know which thing will be better for the residents and what to do next.

On his briefing, Obafemi mentions the typical life cycle of a Nigerian people. He said the average life we lead is 46 years for men and 49 for women. As he points out the life span, something is wrong is the answer he got.

Similarly, he also added that our environment is not good for citizens. Including the environment, Obafemi also emphasized on the bad Nigeran health system.

Just shorting after mentioning those problems, Obafemi explains about their unique future project. Their projects are mainly focused on transport, health, environment, entertainment and tourism, technology and others.

In their ambitious projects, there’s is also a project to make Lagos the 21st-century economy.

Those projects really show us that, Obafemi is eager to start working on Lagos state. Their projects look really promising to the people.

He also throws question about their budget saying that it’s still in the scratch. According to him, as a state Lagos, spend less than 3 billion dollars but, New York City spends 2.8 just as a city.

The governor also mentioned Now York police, who have spent more than 6 billion dollars in 218 as Logos spend the two times lower money on their people.

However, Obefemi’s aim is big enough to reconstruct Lagos state for the people of it.

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