Peter Obi – Check Out This News you’ve not Read about Him

Peter Obi – Check Out This News you’ve not Read about Him

Anambra’s very own former governor Peter obi, was born on the 19th pf July 1961,in Anambra state, Onitsha to be precise.

The successful Nigerian politician attended Christ the king college in his home town Anambra, after his graduation, he gained admission into the University of Nsukka, were he studied philosophy.

How Peter Obi Started His Career

He focused more on business, attending multiple educational courses, courses like mid marketing and changing the game at Harvard business school, and also the chief executive program at Lagos business school.

Over the years, he has been chairperson of various numerous organizations, like fidelity bank (youngest chairperson), future view securities, pay master and next international.

He was the director at guardian express bank, charm Nigeria and card center.
Before going fully into politics, he had strong knowledge and background in business, coupled with the numerous courses he took in respect to business.

How Obi’s political Life Started

He was a participant in the 2003 gubernatorial Anambra state election under the platform of all progressive grand alliance, although it was unsuccessful as he lost to Chris Ngige, yet the struggle didn’t stop.

In march 2006, Peter Obi became Anambra state governor, his tenure was just for half a year as he was impeached by November 2006.

Again in 2007, Peter returned to his post as Anambra state governor, although his tenure did not last long as Uba won the election, he contended this and the supreme court grant him permission to finish up his tenure, as he returned back to power.

After his tenure ended in 2010, he was re-elected again for a second time, Which lasted until 2014 when he was succeeded by Willie obiano.

Peter Obi became the honorary special adviser to the minister of finance and member of the presidential economic management team during the tenure of Good luck Ebele Jonathan.

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Presently, Peter Obi is the running mate of Atiku abubakar for the 2019 election under the platform of the peoples democratic party.

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