PSL will Fight Against the New South African Broadcasting Amendments

PSL will Fight Against the New South African Broadcasting Amendments

Although sports in Nigeria going quite well, in South Africa it’s in the struggle. Recently the South African’s authority has released sports broadcasting amendments regulations. but according to Premier Soccer League (PSL) chairman, Irvin Khoza this will harm their broadcast system. And they are ready to fight against it.

However, the new South African sports broadcasting regulations list some sports event, which will be broadcast to Tv, free-to-air basis.

And this hurts those event’s broadcasting rights. It’s clear that not all sports can survive without broadcasting money. Especially in our Neighbor country South Africa, where sports is not that much prominent.

This newly released South African sports regulation will alter the deals of PSL and SA Rugby with Supoersport broadcaster.

So, this makes those sports organizations more vulnerable. Especially football is in quite a bad position in South Africa. Without broadcasting money, they might not survive.

PLS chairmen Khoza has stated on this, “They will ruin football in South Africa and they will destroy the high-quality content that the PSL is striving to invest in.”

“The impact of the draft does not consider the impact on the PSL and its constituent components at all.” he also added.

And he also admits that exclusivity lets the content owner like PLS to generate income. According to him, exclusivity is available in every other country in the world.

However, PSL will fight back for their future. They would discuss with Senior counsel Schalk Burger, Senior Counsel. PSL authority is saying that ICASA doesn’t have any permission to take control over them as a content generator and owner.

Along with the PSL chairmen, South Africa Rugby CEO also raised his voice. He said, “Rugby is a business‚ we don’t receive money from the government [0.3% of SA Rugby’s revenue comes from government funding]‚ we don’t have charitable status and we have zero donors”.

He also said, “The income we earn is reinvested for the benefit of rugby and South Africans.”.

So, now it’s all up to Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s (ICASA) diction. We hope that everything goes well for our neighbor African country South Africa.

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