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See Top 10 PDP Presidential Candidates For 2019 Election Here! 



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Many strong and heavy weight politicians have shown great interest in running for the office of the president, through the current administration opposition party.

Irrespective of the fact that the present presidential office is under the administration of APC, many politicians have shown keen interest in becoming PDP’s aspirant in the 2019 forth coming election.

PDP on the other hand, has been working actively to put its house in order and take the presidential victory away from APC.

Below, are the list of politicians emerging from PDP who wants to be the right candidate for the office of the president.


A prominent presidential aspirant, he was Nigerians vice president under the administration of ex president Olusegun Obasanjo from 1999-2007, Atiku was unsuccessful in getting a presidential ticket from APC, so he switched back to PDP.

Atiku on his own part, has been showing countless effort, giving Nigerians reasons to elect him as their president..


Report has been given that shekarau has left his presidential ambition, nevertheless, he was the former minister of education and former governor of Kano state, he was elected in April 2003, and re-elected in April 2017, he has declared his intention to run for election.


He has made it known to every Nigerian that he is the right candidate for the post, Tambuwal is the current governor of Sokoto and former house of representative speaker.

He like some other PDP aspirants defected from APC to context for the forthcoming electoral election.


Kaduna state two time governor, according to premium times report, Ahmed stated that he has everything it takes to govern Nigeria after successfully governing a state like Kaduna for 8years.


Current Senate president of Nigeria and a two time Kwara state governor, it was reviewed in an interview that he was considering contesting for election, true to his words, Shortly it was declared that Bukola Saraki is PDP aspirant for the 2019 election.


Leader of the popular movement known as Kwankwassiya movement, Kwankwaso was also defeated back to PDP from APC, he is a two time governor of Kano state before Abdullahi took over from him.

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He declared his intention to run for the 2019 election on the platform of PDP in Abuja on the 29th of August.


Jigawa state two time governor, he was Nigeria’s foreign minister from 1999 to 2007,after which he became Jigawa state governor in April 2007.

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Sanusi lamido feels he has all the requirements to become Nigeria’s president and he can take Nigeria to the next level.


Former senate president, he has also joined the PDP aspirant for the forthcoming presidential 2019 election.

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He like every other candidates has been giving every Nigerian citizen reason see him as the right candidate for the post.


He us from Kebbi state, he is the former supervising minister, ministry of labour and productivity, he is also the former minister of special duties and inter governmental affairs.

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He declared that he has a knowledge that makes him different from every other aspirant.


Present Gombe state governor, he said that the North east part of the country was long due for presidency. His intention is to become president and save Nigeria from hunger.

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