StarTimes Warns Two TV Stations for Illegal Europa League Final Broadcasting

StarTimes Warns Two TV Stations for Illegal Europa League Final Broadcasting

The biggest African Pay TV company StarTimes have filed an injunction at two famous media production.

According to the news, those TV stations have violated the copyright of StarTimes company.

So, those two media house will get a well-sized complication on Europa League final broadcasting.

StarTimes files case against the Media 7 broadcasting group. This media group has other affiliate changes as well. Those are SAFOA TV, KUMAWOOD TV, AFA SPORTS and Fly TV. It’s quite clear that those will affect all it’s related broadcasting schedules.

On the other side, there is another media house, Nour Vision Ghana limited who will get the interlocutory injunction.

As we can see for Media 7 broadcasting group, Now Vision and it’s affiliate channels will get restrictions on their show schedules.

Earlier, StarTimes has caught red-handed broadcasting their sports content with piracy.
Those sports content were UEFA Europa League, Bundesliga and French Ligue 1.

But, despite several soft warning, those media houses were still on there business. As SmartTimes is

Africa’s prominent media platform, it hurts their business model.

After a countless warning, StarTimes takes the necessary step to cut out those broadcasting media.

However, StarTimes has the full licenses to broadcast sports events like Europa League, German Bundesliga, and others. And finally, they took charge of all illegal broadcasters.

They also warning every other media house who are willing to broadcast their content illegally, will face law enforcement.

Lastly, StarTime is quite serious about their business model spacially on sports events like the UEFA League final.

If any broadcaster streams those events with piracy it might be a big loss to StarTimes.

The hype will be hight during the UEFA League Final and StarTimes wants together as eyeballs as possible. Hopefully, their interlocutory injunction will keep other media houses to away from broadcasting those without copyright.

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