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How to Study Medicine Abroad



See Guides on How to Study Medicine Abroad

Medicine is the science and practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease. Medicine comprehensively include a variety of health care practices which evolve maintaining and restoring health by the prevention and treatment of illness.

A Medical School on the other hand is a tertiary educational institution that teaches Medicine and awards a professional degree for physicians and surgeons which include the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Doctor of Medicine (MD), Doctor of Podiatric medicine etc.

This article therefore centres on how to study medicine abroad. Many students are earnestly viewing the idea of studying Medicine abroad as a dream to be achieved in their lifetime. Some consider this quest as a thing of pride and prestige especially in African geographical settings. Many of them view studying of Medicine in Europe as a first class dream.

There is a pure and unquenchable appetite driving passion from parents, students, and even teachers to get a first class information on the steps to take with all the necessitated requirements in studying Medicine in abroad especially in Europe.

They want to know the cost of money involved, the change process of transition involved to be back practising it in Nigeria and the option entrenched in practising it in abroad.

There are some fundamental truth you need to entertain within yourself before presenting to you what need to be done before going abroad to study Medicine.

Firstly, ask yourself why you should study in abroad. Many believe it carries a prestigious tag to complete their medical school in abroad especially among peer group. While many are of the opinion that the Educational facilities in abroad are of superior standard to those ones in Nigeria.

Don’t just decide to go and study Medicine abroad because your parents are extremely rich and or decided to go abroad just like your friends whose parents are wealthy are in abroad doing so.

Secondly, try to know where Medical courses are taught in English language in abroad. With English as the national language in Nigeria which is being used in all sectors including the education and research sector, it will be very complex and utmost impossible to study Medicine abroad where English is not used if you too did not understand their language of Education.

Again, try to figure out the Medicine School in abroad that teaches in your understandable language.

Finally, examine your capabilities to know if studying Medicine abroad is the right thing for you. To study medicine in abroad may be a very good alternative or choice for some people, but may never be the right decision for everyone. These factors may be ranging from financial sector, language barrier, poor educational inbuilt, and many among others.

Steps and Guides on How to Study Abroad

The following are the guiding steps if you want to study abroad :

  • Search for the medical school of your choice online.
  • Check the entrance requirements and fees.
  • Get in touch with other students or people from your choice of school (that is, those people that have decided to study medicine abroad in your preferred school) and to know their perspectives on how they have found the experience.
  • Lastly, after or before your application, you can hop on a plane to then visit your preferred city and the Medicine Educational Institution.

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