Top 20 Things About Nigerian Police

Here’s the Top 20 Things About Nigerian Police. Do you know that the Nigerian Police Force is the Principal Law Enforcement Agency in Nigeria? So this guide will let you know more about the NPF and its Administration.

Police is our friend that’s the notion we normally use but the truth remains that many of us will never like to join Nigerian Police Force due  to one reasons or the other. The truth about Nigeria Police is not that her Administration is bad or neither do the Law Enforcement Agency is Corrupt.

Let’s just know the truth once and for all, Nigerian Police Force is not a bad Agency as you all know whether you like it or not. The only thing that makes it bad is those that are working in different Departments of Nigeria Police.

See the Top 20 Things About Nigerian Police that will help you know more about NPF Administration

#1. Who’s the most Ranked Female Police Officer

The most Ranked Female Police Officer in Nigeria….wow! I think this questions is very interesting as it regards to Female Officer. Okay i know that you’ll be like who is this person or do we’ve such person in Nigeria Police?

Yes Nigeria is a Country that is equally blessed. The same the Nigeria Police is also blessed with Male and Female Officers.

Any Female Officer with the most highest ranks will be in the position of Commissioner of Police.

Commissioner of Nigeria Police.

#2. Names of Officer Dismissed And Reasons

This is  common to all the Agencies in Nigeria. In Nigeria the rate of Dismissed Officer is becoming alarming. Here you’ll get to know about some Officer that are dismissed and reasons for that.

About  ago, the Police Service Commission Dismissed Nine Senior Police Officer for Gross Misconduct this year on April 2019.

We are meant to understand that the Officers were dismissed from the Nigeria Police Force by the Nigeria Police Service Commission.

Those who were dismissed Includes Chief Superintendent of Police, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Superintendent and others.

For the sake of this write up, the names of those dismissed can be checked here..

As we all know the major reasons for their dismissal is just the irregularities and Gross Misconducts of one issue or the other.

The Nigeria Police Commission Service is a No Nonsense Agency that is ready to sanction any misconduct by any of the Police Men and Women.

So anybody can be dismissed from the Police Force depends on what you did. Just ;like every other Agency, you’ll be charged to Court for any crime you committed as a Police Officer.

#3. What’s The Qualification for Joining NPF

In joining the Nigeria Police Force it’s very necessary to know this. The Nigeria Police recruitment is always the best way to join the Police Force. Recruitment of new intake is done on yearly basis and interested applicants are to apply.

However we have decided to share with you the two ways you can join the NPF.

i. Joining the Force through Mass Recruitment

The Police Service Commissions calls for application into the Nigeria police force and eligible candidates are expected to apply via the official websites of the police force The minimum educational qualification is an O’Level from there leading up to HND and B.Sc

So on this basis one can get qualification requirement when he/she applies via this method:

Police Constable – O’Level Certificate with at least five credit including Maths and English. Monthly Salary for this is N43,293

Cadet Inspector of Police – A level, OND, NCE and O’Level certificate with five credits including Maths and English. The monthly Salary N73,231

Cadet Assistant Superintendent of Police – HND or Bachelor Degree, NYSC Certificate. Salary pay for this level is N127,604

Once you have fulfill all the necessary requirements in the online form, then you’ll wait for shortlisted names to come out.

ii. Joining the Force through the Police Academy

On this aspect you are expected to join the Nigeria Police force through the usual Police Academy for 5 years Course in Wudil Kano State.

If you must apply, then you have to purchase JAMB Form and sit for JAMB UTME Exams.

General Requirements to Join the Police Force

  • Applicants must not be less than 1.67m tall for men and 1.63m tall for women.
  • Must have an expanded chest measurement of 86.34cm for men
  • Applicant must not be an ex-convict
  • Must be a Nigerian Citizen
  • Must be Mentally/Medical and Physically fit
  • Must have an Identity be it National ID, Voter’s Card, Driver’s License, or International Passport.

Other necessary  documents are found here

#4. Names and Biography of past Inspector General of Police

Names of Inspector General of Police and biography, the year they were on seats and the year they were replaced.

We have about 20 Past Inspector General Of Police that have ruled the Nigeria Police Force for some years before there were replace by New IGPs.

Currently here are names of these Police Generals Both Past and current Police Officers.


IGP Louis Edit From 1964-1966

IGP Kam Salem from 1966-1975

IGP Muhammadu Dikko Yusuf from 1975-1979

IGP Adamu Suleiman 1979-1981

IGP Sunday Adewusi 1981-1983

IGP Etim Inyang  1985-1986

IGP Muhammadu Gambo Jimeta 1986-1990

IGP Aliyu Atta 1990-1993

IGP Ibrahim Coomassie 1993-1999

IGP Musiliu Smith 1999-2002

IGP Mustapha Adebayo Balogun 2002-2005

IGP Sunday Ehindero 2005-2007

IGP Mike Mbama Okiro 2007-2009

IGP Ogbonnaya Okechukwu Onovo 2009-2010

IGP Hafiz Ringim 2010-2012

IGP Muhammadu Dikko Abubarkar 2012- 2014

IGP Sulieman Abba 2014-2015

IGP Solomon E. Arase 2015-2016

IGP Ibrahim Kpotun Idris 2016-2019

Ag. IGP Muhammed Abubakar Adamu 2019 Till Date

#5. Top 6 Ugliest Police Station

The top 6 ugliest Police Station we’ve is mostly seen in Lagos States. According to our research in areas like this, some of these Police Stations have the highest cases of criminology, Abuses, and Kidnapping cases. Among are other cases which cannot be resolve but are transferred to other Stations.

However you’ll get to know most of the top 6 ugliest Police stations, Locations and addresses where you can easily find them.

The Nigeria Police (Area D) 

208  Ojo Igbede Road, Ilemba Hausa, Area D, Ojo, Lagos.


The Nigeria Police (Area F)

Akinyode Street, Ojodu, Lagos


The Nigeria Police Force (Area C)

110, Bode Thomas Street Surulere, Lagos


Ajegunle Police Station

Baale Adeyemo Street, Ajeromi-ifelodun, Ajegunle, Lagos


Area C Command Police Station

Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos


Okota Police Station (Area D)

Okoto Road, Oshodi-Isolo, Oshodi, Lagos


#6. What ‘s The Difference Between Police and Sars – And How to Join Sars

What do you think about this, do you really wants to know the difference between Sars and Police? This questions is so amazing, you know why?…

We’ll get back to this, but for now i want to sincerely know the true meaning of Sars.

What is Sars?

Sars means Special Anti-Robbery Squad

This Anti-Robbery Squad is one of the Nigeria Police Units that operates hands in hand with any Criminology and Robbery Cases

We’ve been hearing cases about Sars Harassing civilians especially those that are suspected to belong to any secrets societies, Cultism, Rapist, Yahoo boys, Robbery etc.

Most at times they are more violent in their action in dealing with people even some innocent people who may not actually committed any crime

The Nigeria Sars is a special squad in Police Force that handles more of criminals activities and renders zero tolerance to any one that is guilty of the crime.

They take laws into their hands by killing citizens without taking proper documentation or even relating issues just like Nigeria police.

However, to join the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, you just need to provide the following qualifications and requirements.

How do i mean? Does it mean that the Anti-Robbery Squad have their own qualification? Capital NO.

The only way you can join the Nigeria Sars is to join the Police Force. So do not forget that the Special Anti-Robbery Force is one of the sections under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Department (FCIID).

#7. Why Do Police Follow Politician And Foreign National?

The Nigeria Police and Politicians are like Brothers and Sisters. Nigerian Politics and those Political Parties that are much more interested in playing Political Games.

I can tell you that the Nigeria Politicians are the biggest and most popular people we’ve in Our country. They’re already made and are very rich among other average Nigerians.

They Control most of the Entire Revenue that are generated by this Country, Infant another name you can call them are the Political Propaganda, National Cake, Share the Money.

So this is actually the main reasons why the Nigerian Politicians are richer than an average Nigerians because of the way they get paid with the Federal Funds and Salary.

For instance, the Nigerian Senator earns about 18 Millions for his Salary in a Month. So that alone will tell you that they are mostly famous and will seriously need security.

Most of the security that guides them are the Police men. The Policemen Escorts the Politicians for protection and other security reasons.

This is because many Politician have been in one way or the other Handicapped, robbed or even being kidnapped by some hoodlums within the state.

#8.What’s the Difference between Police and NSCDC

In answering this questions,i always ask my self if this questions is even right? Up till now many people do not really know the big difference between NSCDC and Police Force.

Seriously the difference is obvious so from this write up i will personally highlight some of them. So just go through them and see for yourself.

Meaning of NSCDC:

Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps. Just like the Nigerian Police Force, NSCDC are Paramilitary Agency that create awareness and enlighten Civil Populace about the plans of the enemies and the possible way of escaping from the enemies.

However Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was empowered to educate and then save Civil Populace from the danger of War.

While the Nigerian Police Force is to main laws and order and, to solve menace of criminology, Robbery, Kidnapping, Raping and prosecute those culprit behind any of these.

Functions of  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps

  1. Maintenance of Peace
  2. Recommends Private Guards Companies
  3. Inspect Private Guards Companies
  4. Supervises the Activities of Private Guards Companies
  5. Organised training Program for Private Companies
  6. Maintain Surveillance
  7. Seizes Suspected proceed of Vandalization
  8. Investigate for Illegal Dealer in Petroleum.
  9. Arrest with or without Warrant

#9. How Much Does A Junior Police Officer Earn

In Police Force, there’s always a Junior and Senior Officers and these depends on the ranks and positions of the Police Men and Women.

However In Nigerian Police Force, the ranks and order of positions are done by Hierarchy order from the Junior to Senior Officers.

The Senior Officer earns a higher Salary than the Junior Officers. Right now those that are in Junior Officers earns about N40,000 to 80,000 on Monthly Basis.

Monthly Salary of Junior Police Officer

From Constable to Sergeant are considered as Junior Officers In Nigerian Police, However the Salary Structures for their Monthly payments are listed below here:

Police Constable Grade Level 03 – N43,293.42

Police Constable Grade Level 10 – N51,113.59

Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (01) – N44,715.53

Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (10) – N51,113.59

Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (01) – N48,540.88

Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (10) – N55,973.84.

#10. What’s A Police Pension And How Do I Get It After Retirement

Do you mean a Police Pension? Okay the facts is that you’ll be paid your Gratuity and Pension after your 35 Years of Service in the Government.

This payment is a compensation and reward that you get after serving for a whole 35 years in any of the Nigerian Government Agency. The Gratuity will be paid directly to your Salary Bank Account before you will start getting your Pension. In Nigeria Police Custody, A Police Officer can get up to 1 Million for Gratuity and then get’s his pension on Monthly Basis.

What Is A Pension?

A Pension is a regular payment made during a person’s retirement from an investment fund or account to which that persons and their employers contribute during their time as an active member of the Labour Force.

However this is applicable to Nigerian Pensioners who are retired from the Nigeria Police Force.

How Do I get My Pension As a Police Officer

As a Police Officer you’re not allowed to access the Retirement Savings Account until you retire or attain the age of 50 years.

So upon retirement, a Police Officer is able to access the amount of his retirement savings account for the following benefits:

Withdraw a lump sum from the total amount provided that the amount left is sufficient to procure a programmed fund withdrawals or annuity for life.

Programmed Monthly or quarterly withdrawals calculated on the basis of expected life span

Annuity for life purchased from a life insurance company

However the only possible way to have your pension accessed is only when you’re up to 50 years Old and have retired from the Police Force after 35 years of your service.

#11. Different Cases Where Police Officers were seen Fighting.

It’s no longer a news anymore when ever a Nigerian Police Officer is sited from a distance fighting with each other or with their fellow Security Officers in different Paramilitary Agencies.

This happens almost on daily basis when there’s an information about Police officers fighting for or against each other. In cases where they fight against terrorist is different from other scene as it will be a self defend while fighting the most dangerous terrorist like Bokoharam.

Scene of Police Officers Fighting with Terrorist and Insurgency

Scene of Nigerian Police Officer engages in Fights with each other for Bribe

Here’s another fight between A Nigerian Man and a Police Officer on duty

Another Scene where Okada man fights with A police man

Army Officer Seen Fighting Police Officer In Enugu

Another Fight with Police Officers Disgrace Civil Defence Officer

#12. List of Male and Female Police Officers that Got Married

Nigerian Police Men and Women always get married to each other and today we’ve listed the names of some of the Police Officers that got married to each other.

Two Officers Of the Nigerian Police Force Gets Married to each other

Beautiful Nigeria Police Female Officer who got married

Wow! She is so beautiful and she got married as a Female Police Officer

His Name is Chigozie Opara Hottest and most Handsome Police Officer that got Married

So the fact is that Most of the Nigeria Police Men and Female do get Married to each other while some prefer to marry outside the Police Force.

#13. Where Is Police Headquarters Located In Abuja

Abuja is the Federal Capital Territory and Most of the Nigerian Agencies, Ministries headquarters are located in Abuja.

This is where you can find The Nigerian Police Force Headquarters and locate the address. We’ll drop a contact with which you can easily get in touch with them.

Nigerian Police Force Headquarters


Head Quarters: Shehu Shagari Way, Force Head Quarters, Louise Edet House, Centyra, Abuja.

City/Town: Abuja

State: Abuja

L.G.A: Gwagwalada

Contact: 08038305707

#14. What Is The Full Meaning Of Some Police Ranks (DPO, PRO, IG) and Many More.

If we’re used to Nigerian :Police Terminology then we’ll appreciate most of the abbreviated meanings that is usually used on daily basis.

So we’ll list some of this meanings and Abbreviation here and most especially those Police Ranks according to their order of positions.

Full Meaning of Nigeria Police Ranks

IGP – Inspector General of Police

AIG – Assistant Inspector General of Police

CP – Commissioner of Police

DCP – Deputy Commissioner of Police

ACP – Assistant Commissioner of Police

CSP – Chief of Superintendent of Police

SP – Superintendent of Police

DSP – Deputy Superintendent of Police

ASP – Assistant Superintendent of Police

Cadet Inspector




Police Recruit.

#15. What Is The Highest Salary of Police?

The Highest Salary of Police is the one with the highest ranks in Nigeria Police Force. It is Very Clear that the IGP is the Top Officer as well as the head of the Police Force in Nigeria.

He’s The top highest earners of Nigeria Police Salary with Monthly Salary of N711,498 and Annual Salary of N8,537,976.

#16. Officer Who Has Lost Their Lives While Serving The Country

The rate of death of Police Officers in Nigeria Police Today News is becoming alarming. Many Innocent and Good Looking Officers have lost their Lives in one way or the other while serving their Father’s Land. It will be good to Celebrate this HERO’s who have given their lives and putting every other things apart to risks their lives for the Security and Safety of the Country.

However we’ll mention but few of these Officers who died in one way or the other by Accident, Sickness, Fierce Shootings, and other illegal means.

Lists of Officer Who Has Lost Their Lives

NURTW ,Member and Police Officer who died in a hospital on Ojota Park Crisis in Lagos State

Young Police Commissioner confirms dead – Nigeria Police Force

Deputy Commissioner of Police Die for Abuja Shiite Clash

Police Officer Who Died While Having Sex

Many more of our Nigerian Police Men are down due to lack of Support from the Nigeria Federal Government, May Their Soul Rest In Peace.

#17. What Do I Need To Know About Police Shortlisted Candidates

Nigerian Police recruitment is all you need to know about. This is how the Nigerian Police recruit her candidates into the Police Force.

During this session, only qualified candidates that applied for the Police recruitment through the Nigerian Police recruitment portal will be selected and shortlisted for screening exams.

In each year, about 5,000 candidates are recruited into the Nigerian Police Force and those who are special Candidates are also recruited.

However, to know more about Nigeria Police shortlisted Candidates, Visit the NPF websites on

#18. If You Become IG, What Measure Will you Take to Make Nigerian Police Better Again

I know that if many of you were given an opportunity to become the Next Inspector General of Nigeria Police, you’ll do better than him.

Am i right when i say do better than him???

Well this is up to you, you can misuse the power while you can do better with that golden opportunity. To become the General in any security agency, you must be at an alert and always work with intelligent officers for some kind special works or duties.

You have you own say here..just tell us what you can do if this opportunity is knocking at your door.

#19.Top 4 Police Barracks In the South

The dwelling place for Nigerian Police Men and their residential place is the Police Barracks. They have different Barracks existing in Nigeria Security Force.

Police Barracks, Army Barracks, Mobile Barracks, Navy/Airforce Barracks, Customs, Civil Defence Barracks.

Among all is the Nigerian Police Barracks which is commonly known as Barracks.

The Barracks in all the States have their own Commander commonly known as OC. Inside the barracks there are existence of the good,bad and the ugly. So what are my trying to say here, There’s corruption within the police barracks where bad things are normally done.

However we’ll show to you top most 4 Police Barracks in the South

Top 4 Police Barracks In the South

This is Ikeja Police Barracks, i think you need to see how the face of the building looks like.

Another Outrageous Police Barracks in the South where Police Men are Drinking and Smoking

This is what a Police Barracks should look like….You’ll be impressed if you are residing here as a police man with your family.

Incredible Nigeria Police Barracks at the verge of Collapsing. Could this be real…You have to see it clearly and yet people are still around the Premises.

#20. What’s the Highest Position in Every Barracks

Every Commanding units in a Barracks have their own Commander. A Nigerian Police Commander is known as D.P.O.

In a Police Barracks the ranks of most of the Commander is always One Eagle two Star. 

More of it is here when you read throught his guide.

Thanks for your time.


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