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Latest Yoruba Movies 2019 – Top 10 Film To Watch Online



Yoruba Movies

Do you want to see all Latest Yoruba Movies 2019? We now have top 10 Yoruba Film To Watch Online.

You can also download videos of most of the Yoruba film anytime you want..

“Tiwan Tiwan”, which means “our own”, is the popular slang, used by major Nigerians who are mainly Yoruba’s to describe their own home made movies.

Most Nigerians, enjoys spending their leisure time watching movies, especially Yoruba movies that are interesting.

Do you know that Yoruba film are one that is understandable by both the learned and average learned, as it been acted in local dialect (Yoruba) and subtitled in English.

Various actors, has made name in the Yoruba home entertainment industry, people like Baba Suwe, Odunlade Adekola, Femi Adebayo, Gabriel Afolayan, Bukky Wright and many others.

This set of people, brings fun to any movie which they feature in, most times Yoruba movie lovers choose to watch movies because of this actors.

How to Get Latest Youruba Movies 2019 online?

You can get any Yoruba film you want to watch at any time, what you need is to first go through the lists of all the movies we listed here.

If searching, for the latest Yoruba Movies 2019 search no more, as this article provides you with the list of the trending  movies and brief explanation of what the movie might seem.


If you’ve not watched this Yoruba film by now, then get it.

The movie evolves round Akanni, a local mechanic, who dreams of a woman, who is suppose to bring her good fortune, when he wakes up he realized he had seen the woman in his dream before, he therefore tries to make his dream turn to reality.

After watching this viode, I quickly added it to my list of top latest Yoruba movies 2019 without thinking again and again.


You need to sit at home one day and watch this interesting latest Yoruba film okay. You’ll laugh, and laugh again.

This is a story of three craftsmen, who are extremely lazy to practice their profession, rather they prefer looking for short and faster means of getting rich quick.

Most of the actors of this movie are well-known in different latest Yoruba Movies.


Here’s another latest Yoruba film you should get right away.

A story of a girl named Tiwa, who thinks that her loved ones were head over heel in love with her, not knowing that they staged the accident that left her in coma.

This is among the most amazing latest Yoruba movies I’ve seen this year.


I’ve not seen any Yoruba woman that haven’t seen this Latest Yoruba film know as Iporuru.

The storey is about A well prosperous career woman, who finds love in the hand of a young man who is old a enough to be her son, along the line in their relationship, she discovered that she could no longer continue the relationship, as age is the barrier affecting them.

My friends and I was all curious to know the outcome. You can get this movie along with any other latest Yoruba Movies 2019 of your choice.


If you’re the type that likes pure natural latest Yoruba film, then this movie is what you need.

A story of a family, whose peace in their family home was disturbed as problematic in-laws visit their children who recently had a child.

Mothers-in-law engaged in their never-ending rivalry battle, and the couple have to figure out how to settle every arising matter.

I could remember putting other latest Yoruba Movies on hold, just to finish ILE WA


This latest Yoruba film centers on a family, whose morning of what was suppose to be a joyful celebration, takes another turn, stirring up a storm of hideous secrets.


If you love watching latest Yoruba Movies that teaches real life reason, then this movie is for what you need.

This is a story of a married young woman, who refused to change her thoughtless attitude, until her behavior turns into an unfortunate situation.

You can get this Latest Yoruba film from any local shop nearest to you.


If you’ve not added this movies to the latest Yoruba Movies you’ll watch this year, then you’re missing.

Two identical twins fight over everything, the fight gets worse when one impersonated the other, over loving a man


Osha PRA PRA is a very nice latest Yoruba film you need to watch at home or download online.

A young lady, who enjoys extravagant lifestyle, but wants to collect more money from her father.


Another fil on the List’s of latest Yoruba Movies I’ve seen this year is OMO ALHAJI.

The daughter of a rich man, wants to become a dancer, but gets opposition from her father.

Yoruba Movies

How to get Current Yoruba Film?

You can get this moves, anyday any time, just leave check out all the ones we listed above.

Do you want us to give updates on latest Yoruba Movies 2019 online? If yes, share this now to get more update later.

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